Ian Brown has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the last couple of years.

The Stone Roses frontman is a vehement anti-vaxxer and has made his feelings very clear, mostly on Twitter and in song-form - as his track 'Little Seed Big Tree' demonstrated. Lyrics from the 'protest' song included "Doctor Evil and his needle/ Doctor Evil with a masterplan/ A forced vaccine, like a bad dream/ They’ll plant a microchip, every woman, child and man".

Brown has attempted to get his music career back on track with his first tour in a decade, but the first night of it at Leeds' O2 Academy didn't go too well.

The Sunday night gig was declared a shambles by fans, who criticised the fact that Brown was performing to a backing track. One fan told the BBC: "I've seen him live as a solo act before and while there’s an acceptance that his voice won’t be great, the live performance aspect is where the energy comes from. Sadly there wasn’t a band, so there was no energetic drummer, no masterful guitarist, just him singing along badly to a backing track – it just left me cold and disinterested.”

He played Glasgow last night and denounced his opening night negative press, saying "I played Leeds last night, and all I could see were hands in the air".

Other fans at the Glasgow gig praised his set, with one saying: "Absolute class at @ianbrown in Glasgow last night. He doesn’t need a band. Blew the roof off. Brilliant."

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Brown is not playing Dublin on this tour, so Irish fans won't get to experience the new set for themselves.