If you're a fan of Ian Brown, Noel Gallagher or Van Morrison, the last few weeks may have been especially difficult for you.

All three of those musicians have outed themselves as anti-maskers and/or conspiracy theorists regarding Covid-19. The other day, it was revealed that Van Morrison is releasing a series of 'coronavirus protest songs' claiming that the government was using the pandemic as a means to 'enslave' the population.

Now, after causing quite a stir with his '“NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX #researchanddestroy' tweet earlier this month, Ian Brown appears to have gone further down the rabbit hole.

He took to Twitter again to vent his ire, saying “NOBODY IS NO F*CKER TO TELL YOU TO WEAR A MASK. But IAN ‘wearing a mask in a pandemic is the correct and sensible thing to do!’ I agree.But what pandemic? #researchanddestroy #housearrest.”

He added: “THE GREAT RESET the plandemic planned designed and executed to make us digital slaves #factchecker #researchanddestroy.”

Yesterday, he continued spouting his ill-informed theories, saying: "A survival rate of 99.9% and they are into our work life home life social life school life love life garden, back yard your body your wife and kids bodies AND THATS OK?”

Even worse, he has also written a new song called 'Little Seed Big Tree', which references the 'new world order', 'forced vaccines' and 'microchips'.

Lyrics include: "State shakedown, mass breakdown/ Global orders, riding over borders/ Get behind your doors for the new world order/ Doctor Evil and his needle/ Doctor Evil with a masterplan/ A forced vaccine, like a bad dream/ They’ll plant a microchip, every woman, child and man/ A plan to chip us all, to have complete control/ The land, the sky, your soul.”

Listen here if you must, and it also goes without saying: wear a mask.