I Am Arrows is the new band of former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows. As with his former band, 'Sun Comes Up Again' presents light and fluffy alternative pop with occasional genuinely catchy moments, but sometimes it's just so inoffensive that it's, well, offensive.

With Razorlight's credibility continuing to decline into minus numbers, it's probably a good thing that Andy Burrows got out when he did. Opting this time to front his own band, Burrows roped in his brother Ben, signed a new record deal with Universal within 11 days and bagged some high profile stadium slots supporting Muse. Not bad for a day's work.

'Sun Comes Up Again' begins strongly. The quirky bounce and sprightly harmonies of 'Nun' are followed by some bubbly electronics and soulful vibe of 'Green Grass' and then the jaunty piano and offbeat rhythms of 'Nice Try'. Even the minor chords, acoustic guitar and doleful harmonies of 'Far Enough Away' have a certain appeal to them. But from there things go downhill...quickly.

Over the course of the second half, the words bland, trite, unoriginal and predictable come to mind, repeatedly. It's not usually unpleasant, except for the nauseatingly cheesy 'You've Found Love' which is cringe-worthy in both melody and sentiment. Nope, it's just all very uninspiring. The Duke Special style piano bop of 'So Long Ago', understated charm of 'Battle For Hearts & Minds' and the edgy bass of 'Park Slopey' spark hope of late resurgences but ultimately fail to claw back any interest. At the very least though, it's better than anything Razorlight have done in quite some time.