Back in the days when MTV still played music, and people watched music videos on television and not YouTube, the video music awards were actually a big deal.

There would be a week of documentaries leading up to the big show, and the awards themselves would be replayed every day for about a month. You always made sure to tune in because you could beguaranteed that someone would do or wear something crazy that everyone would be talking about in school the next day.

Much to our surprise, the VMAs are still taking place. The first award show was held in September 1984, with Herbie Hancock and Michael Jackson being the big winners on the night. This year's awards are taking place this Sunday, Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry and The Weeknd have the most nominations.

If you were someone who paid close attention to the VMAs during the 90s and 00s, take our memorable moments quiz and see how much you remember.