This year's Spotify Wrapped may have revealed a few uncomfortable truths about your listening habits, but if you're looking to dig deeper about what you're listening to, this might be for you.

'How Bad Is Your Spotify', built by ThePudding, is an AI that reads through your Spotify listening habits over its entire existence, and then delivers a despicably accurate, disgracefully cutting account of your awful music tastes.

We're talking cutting you down to the very bone of what you, who you are, and reading your for filth. There is no escaping it. Indeed, it's exactly the kind of horrifying self-examination that you'll need to shed this year and move forward with a new you in 2021.

You know you're listening too much Pantera and Slayer, and have barely moved beyond your tastes as a weird teenager. This AI knows it too.

Here's a few examples of people who have been brave enough to share how cutting the AI is.

Spotify, if you're reading this, replace the annual Spotify Wrapped with this. People want to be bullied by an AI for their awful taste in music, not reminded of what crap they listened to.

If you feel like getting picked on for listening to Jessie Ware too much, here's how you can get your own results.