It seems that every episode of 'The Tommy Tiernan Show' of late has gone down a storm with Irish viewers, with many praising the comedian's empathetic interviewing style, along with its eclectic choice of guests and the musical entertainment on offer.

The performance that closed out Saturday night's episode pretty much stole the show, however, displaying the sheer firepower on display in Irish hip-hop right now.

Last year, Limerick-based rapper God Knows co-ordinated two remixes of his song 'Who's Asking?' - one featuring rappers from the south-west, and another featuring a host of acts from the east coast.

On Saturday, he brought together names from both 'All Star' remixes to perform the track on the show, and Twitter was positively buzzing with praise afterwards.

Act from the Limerick scene including Denise Chaila, Strange Boy, Hazey Haze, Gavin DaVinci and Krome featured alongside the Zimbabwe-born, Limerick-raised rapper, while Mango and Rebel Phoenix represented the Dublin scene.

Watch it below: