Michael Buble has undoubtedly conquered the music world with his smooth MOR/lite jazz offerings - and now he has his sights set on the animal kingdom.

Well, kind of.

The Werribee Open Range Zoo near Melbourne is home to three silverback gorillas who are apparently big fans of the Canadian crooner - and his 2011 Christmas album, in particular.

Ganyeka, Yakini and Motaba enjoy his dulcet tones so much that he took the opportunity to pop in for a private performance on a day off his Australian tour.

Zookeeper Ben Gulli said: "When we play Michael Buble’s CDs, the boys will instantly start pleasure grumbling and sit nice and calm and relaxed. Our theory is it’s the beautiful low tones that he sings with kind of mimics their pleasure grumble and they’ve even been shown to hum little food songs when they eat, and we think he must really resonate with that sound.”

Buble, meanwhile, claimed that their reaction was 'amazing'.

Watch it below: