If you're anything like us, you get seriously guilty every time you have to leave your beloved pet alone in the house.

Sure, you can leave the TV or radio on for them - but how do you know what they really like?

Luckily, Spotify has come to the rescue by allowing you to generate a playlist specifically for your pet.  As long as your pet is a dog, cat, iguana, hamster or bird, that is.

They also conducted an online survey with 5,000 music streaming pet owners that threw up all kinds of interesting info, such as '55% think their pet likes the same type of music as them' and '57% of owners dance with their pet' (guilty as charged.)

More importantly, the playlist allows you to tailor the music depending on your pet's personality (i.e. shy/friendly), so you won't be scaring your timid pup with some heavy metal. The algorithm syncs with your own taste (based on what you've listened to on Spotify) to make a playlist you'll both enjoy.

See the infographic below and go to this link to generate your own playlist.