Cash is king in the music business, but never more so than in the genre of hip-hop - where it's considered rude if you don't flaunt your disgusting wealth.

Below, you'll find a list of people who'll have no problems doing just that, as the annual Forbes list of Hip-Hop's Richest Stars has been released for 2017.

Somewhat surprisingly, it seems that Drake's 'Boy Meets World' tour has paid dividends as he's earned over twice as much as Jay-Z this year.

Neither of them came close to Diddy, however, who earned an incredible $130 million in 2017 to take the top spot.

Of all the names featured in the top 10, however, only one of them has made headlines for doing something useful with his wealth - i.e. Chance the Rapper, who donated $1 million of the $32 million he earned in 2017 to the Chicago Public Schools fund.

The only woman to make the Top 20, however, was Nicki Minaj.

See the full list below:

1. Diddy ($130m)

2. Drake ($94m)

3. Jay-Z ($42m)

4. Dr. Dre ($34.5m)

5. Chance the Rapper ($32m)

6. Kendrick Lamar ($30 million)

7. Wiz Khalifa ($28 million)

8. Pitbull ($27 million)

9. DJ Khaled ($24 million)

10. Future ($23 million)

11. Kanye West ($22 million)

12. Birdman ($20 million)

13. Swizz Beatz ($17 million)

14. Snoop Dogg ($16.5 million)

15. Nicki Minaj ($16 million)

16. Lil Wayne ($15.5 million)

17. J. Cole ($14 million)

18. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ($11.5 million, tie)

18. Rick Ross ($11.5 million, tie)

20. Lil Yachty ($11 million)