With rumours flying around that Jay-Z will be joining Beyonce on stage for a song or two, we thought we'd run down a list of some Queen Bey's greatest hits. What's she up to right now, though? Trying to sneak out for a quick Eddie Rockets before the show? Is she wandering around Penneys on O'Connell St. looking for the last few bits? 

Doubtful. Highly doubtful.



Jaysus. That fro. But what a song.



4. UPGRADE U (feat. Jay Z)

She's singing in the back of a Rolls Royce, FFS. Amazing.




Kinda interesting that, even back in 2008, Beyonce was even trying to branch out from the usual hip-hop sound and try something different with electro.



2. END OF TIME (Live at the Roseland Bowl)

How does she manage with those high-heels?!



1. DRUNK IN LOVE (feat. Jay Z)

Surfbort. Surfbort.