Harry Styles has spoken out about what his single 'Watermelon Sugar' is really about - though most people probably already had an idea...

Harry Styles was performing at a concert in Nashville last Friday when he talked about the song.

'Watermelon Sugar' was released last May.

It proved a big hit for Harry Styles, winning the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year at the Brit Awards.

It was also Styles' first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The lyrics are quite suggestive, as they go: " Tastes like strawberries // On a summer evenin' // And it sounds just like a song // I want more berries // And that summer feelin' // It's so wonderful and warm/"

Elsewhere the song goes: "I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it."

In a video from his gig last weekend, shared by TikTok user @beatricetpwk, Harry Styles explains: "This song is about… It doesn’t really matter what it’s about."

Persuaded by the crowd, he continues: "It’s about, uh, the sweetness of life… It’s also about the female orgasm but that’s totally different, it’s not really relevant."

Watch the moment here.


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Here's the song - and its bold video to match.