Harry Styles, of former One Direction fame, is going solo. But it doesn't really count as 'solo' when his hair has enough personality and social media following to count as another person. Just the two of them, singing songs and blowing in the wind.

He's just signed a record deal with Columbia Records, according to Billboard, but neither Harry, his team or his hair have yet to confirm the news.

Fans got their knickers in a twist a while back when Styles submitted four songs to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, for which his was the only name on the writing credit. The songs were called Already Home, Endlessly, 5378 Miles and Coco, but we're not sure what came of them or whether they'll be released in the near future.

All going well, Harry will treat eager fans to his debut solo album before the end of the year once he's wrapped filming on Chris Nolan's Dunkirk.

A former boyband star turned actor and solo singer, how novel.

Via Billboard.