If you saw Harry Styles performing at the Grammys on Sunday night (or last night on telly), you might have noticed that he was a bit pitchy as he sang 'As It Was'.

Considering the former boybander is usually on the money with his live vocals, it was surprising to many - but now a possible reason for his off-key moments has been revealed.

Styles was joined by a group of dancers during the performance, who danced on a rotating 'turntable'. However, at the beginning of the song, the turntable began to rotate in the wrong direction - leaving both the dancers and Styles unsure what to do.

Dancer `Brandon Mathis took to Instagram to explain, saying "What you don't know is that the moment the curtain opened and it was time to perform, our turntable started spinning in reverse. Backwards. Freaking all of us out on live television, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. In real time, we had to troubleshoot and try to do a complete piece in reverse. Talk about professionalism."

Another dancer, Dexter, told fans on Tik Tok that they had rehearsed the routine for ten days ahead of the Grammys, only for their hard work to be scuppered. "It was difficult and it was frustrating making those patterns while something's moving and having all this spatial awareness," he said. "At dress rehearsal, it was gorgeous, it was amazing. We get on stage for the performance, the performance starts and the turntable starts going the wrong way."

Considering how things were thrown into such disarray, they all make a pretty fair fist of it.

Styles himself has not commented on the performance, but you can watch it below: