If seeing Harry Styles and Lizzo trading covers of each others' songs wasn't enough, perhaps their banter at last night's BRITs will do the trick.

The pair have been enjoying a back-and-f0rth ever since Styles covered 'Juice' in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

That led to them performing the song together, and Lizzo returned the favour with her own Live Lounge cover of 'Adore You'.

Last night saw their banter continuing at the BRIT Awards. When Lizzo was being interviewed by host Jack Whitehall at her table, he only had to mention Styles for her to turn around to the table behind (in fairness, that yellow suit was hard to miss) and tap him on the shoulder to bring him into the conversation. Things got a bit flirty:

Later, when he was interviewing Harry, he took a sip of the drink at his table to discover that it was neat tequila. Lizzo then took the glass off him and impressively downed it in one, as Whitehall spilled a glass of red wine over the boybander's suit. It was an eventful couple of minutes.

It looked like she was feeling the effects of it, too:

Whitehall even had an idea that we'd be 100% on board with:

And Netflix responded in kind:

See the reaction below: