We here at Entertainment.ie are very proud to announce that respected Irish music blogger Nay McArdle has joined our team. It was around a month ago that Nay announced she could no longer continue her Harmless Noise blog, not through any lack of desire but because, frankly, there's not a great deal of money in the blogosphere these days. Seeing an opportunity to make an exciting addition to our ever-expanding music section, we offered Nay the opportunity to continue her blog under the Entertainment.ie banner. Now that she doesn't have to worry about paying for hosting, and has a dedicated tech team behind her, Nay can concentrate solely on what we believe she does better than anyone else - providing readers with a thorough, interesting and unique perspective on Irish music. Between Nay and new Music Editor John Balfe, Entertainment.ie/Music will provide a deep and concerted effort to keep you in tune with the latest music news, reviews and interviews. You won't miss a beat on Entertainment.ie.