Just last week a cry of disappointment went out across the Irish music blogging community as one of their own announced that she could no longer continue, not out of any lost love, but purely because of financial pressure. Alas, Harmless Noise was to be no more. The loss didn't go unnoticed here at entertainment.ie, but we spied an opportunity to bring a unique and passionate voice to our devoted Music page. Yes, entertainment.ie is delighted to welcome founder Nay McArdle into our ranks and provide a new home for Harmless Noise on the web.

For those unfamiliar, Harmless Noise is an exciting and reliable source of information on the independent Irish music circuit, North and South. Regularly updated content includes the latest news, streams, videos, photography and has a particular emphasis on free downloads and pre-release exclusives. Features also include interviews and editorial articles on developments in the local scenes and the music industry.

Sharing our enthusiasm and dedication to the independent and Irish music scenes, Nay is equally thrilled to be working with entertainment.ie.
"I'm delighted to join entertainment.ie and think it’s the ideal platform to share the best music with a great audience that it deserves".

You can read more of Nay's words on the subject over on her blog

According to our Senior Editor Sheena McGinley, "We've long been fans of Harmless Noise and were upset when we heard it might close down. We wanted to help out if we could. It ticks all the right boxes for us; it is well written, has energy and integrity with an emphasis on local Irish talent."

With entertainment.ie, Harmless Noise will continue to give great exposure to Irish musicians on a worldwide scale. As blogs become more and more influential and the music industry becomes increasingly tough to break for new artists, Harmless Noise is the platform needed for the Irish music scene to offer a launch pad for aspiring musicians. With its new home on entertainment.ie, Harmless Noise will be well situated not only to drive new listeners for these acts but also for finding out where to see these new acts in the flesh.

Look out for Nay's reviews here on entertainment.ie from June 1st and her Harmless Noise blog, which will be back online at its new home very soon.