Though reviews were mixed, the real problem with Ham Sandwich's debut album 'Carry The Meek' was not the calibre of the songs, but the fact that the Kells outfit took so long to release a full length record that its strongest tracks had worn out their welcome before it even hit shelves. Bringing out its follow up with just two weeks notice, Ham Sandwich won't make that mistake twice. Kicking things off with single 'The Naturist', the Kells outfit prove they still know how to put together a catchy tune by alternating between soft, understated verses and more unruly choruses.

Niamh Farrell's sweet, clear holler and Podge McNamee's gorgeously warm bass tones are as complimentary as ever, the combination of opposites easily Ham Sandwich's most valuable asset. Used to their best advantage on standout track 'Ants', sweetly plucked acoustic guitar and twinkling piano provide a discreet base for the nimble track before it swells into a glorious chorus of harmonies. Equally, the bending electric guitars and rumbling drums of the title track are among the many examples of Ham Sandwich's more boisterous side.

Ok so, the more primitive indie rock guitars of 'OH-OH' are less than extraordinary, and the slow-paced, sentimental 'Long Distance' borders on sappy, but despite a small amount of filler, 'White Fox' packs a punch with its sharp, contemporary alt-rock sounds.