2011 has been an absolutely amazing year for HAM SANDWICH and the Kells-based band want to finish it off with a bang with their very own New Year's Eve "HAMmanay" blow-out in Dublin's The Village Venue on December 31st.

Looking back on the year it's difficult to pinpoint where it all went right! Starting the year off by releasing the 3rd single from their highly acclaimed album "White Fox", the band never envisioned "Ants" becoming the huge hit that it did getting playlisted on virtually every radio staion in the country. Video director Marc Corrigan approached the band with an unorthodox idea for a video for "Ants" featuring an animated ant in the most unlikely of scenarios for a video using stop-motion animation. The end result exceeded everyones expectations and once it went viral online, Ham Sandwich landed themselves a whole new global fanbase. At the recent IMTV Awards, Marc scooped the "Best Concept" Award for the "Ants" video.