Halsey won Favourite Song - Rock/Pop for her single "Without Me" at last night's American Music Awards. She had things to say in her acceptance speech.

Halsey was snubbed for the 2020 Grammy Awards, receiving no nominations when they were announced last week, sparking fury with fans.

At the time, the singer tweeted: "My fans... Please do not waste your anger or frustration. I see a lot of you are upset. Of course im sad too. None of it matters. Literally none of it. You're here. Im here. + Everything is gonna stay exactly the same and without me is still a super tight, record breaking song."

In her AMAs acceptance speech, she spoke of feeling the need to be acknowledged by awards "that were supposed to be some kind of validation for the soul-crushing and heartache-inducing work that they put into writing a song and bringing it to life.

"To be honest with you, I really believed that fairy tale. I believed these awards. When I was a kid I believed that these were the ultimate validation..."

She said she has grown up and realised "most of these awards aren't what they seem, at all."

She said the AMAs were distinct for being "the world's largest fan-voted awards show". She's "thankful to the fans because they're the people who really give a sh** about music."

Watch the speech below.