Haim will be revealing the name of their new album later today, but before that they've had a little fun with fans.

The Californian trio are following in the footsteps of Kanye West, who gave fans the initials of his album as 'TLOP' several years ago, and asked them to guess it. The answer was, of course, 'The Life of Pablo'.

Whether Haim's 'WIMP III' will be similarly obscure remains to be seen.

However, if you take a guess at what it might stand for, you may be in with a chance of winning the t-shirt as modelled below.


Some of the best/worst guesses so far include:

Where Is My Purse

Where is My Pizza

Women in Male Positions

Women in Menstrual Pain

Where is Michelle Pfeiffer

Where is Mary Poppins

Warren is My President

Women in Mosh Pits


Take a guess... it can't be any worse than those ones.