Concerts - whether they're pop, rock, rap, metal or otherwise - can be rambunctious places.

When you've got thousands of people in one space, all clamouring to see the stage and get closer to their idol, it can often add up to a dangerous space.

At the same time, you wouldn't necessarily think that a Gwen Stefani gig is somewhere you might break a bone - but that's exactly what happened to a fan at a gig in North Carolina last summer.

Stefani is being sued for negligence after a fan broke their leg after she allegedly incited a 'stampede rush' towards the stage by urging fans to come closer. The plaintiff alleges that the pop star said "Just fill in anywhere you like!" and she broke her tibia as people pushed forward.

Pitchfork reports that promoters Live Nation are also named in the lawsuit for "[failing] to properly supervise Stefani... so as to prevent her from engaging in her negligent acts that resulted in the stampede rush."

The fan is seeking $75,000 from both parties.