It's no surprise that Ed Sheeran sells bajillions of records and subsequently has spent a lot of time prominently-placed in the charts.

The question is, which song of his do you think has spent the longest in the UK's Top 40? 

Alright, alright, we'll tell you:  it's 'Thinking Out Loud' - which not only has spent a full year in the Top 40, but has broken a record for being the first EVER single to spend 52 consecutive weeks in the Top 40.

Several other songs have spent longer in the charts, but they have not stayed there consecutively - such as Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'. Recent singles that have run Sheeran's song close have been John Legend's 'All of Me' (44 weeks) and Pharrell's 'Happy' (49 weeks). So basically, if you're a songwriter that wants that kind of success, write something that'll get played at a wedding.

'Thinking Out Loud' is currently at No. 28 in the UK charts, a whole year after it was originally released - while the album that spawned it, 'x' (or 'Multiply'), has sold almost 10 million units in the space of a year.

Not a bad day's work for Sheeran - who plays two sell-out gigs at Croke Park next month - all in all.

Watch the video for 'Thinking Out Loud' below, which - since we're on the topic of facts and figures - has been viewed over 570 million times to date. Phew.