Grinderman are planning to record their second album as soon as they've finished touring this summer.

Nick Cave, who fronts the band (who are three of The Bad Seeds), told UK radio station XFM that the follow-up to last year's eponymous should be released in early 2009.

"When we go in to make the next Grinderman record we don't want it to sound like the last Bad Seeds record or the Grinderman record before and we're forced to find something new. But that's always been the way!," he said.

"There's a lot of work around the Grinderman project that we wanna do in a more serious way this time. The thing about Grinderman was that we just threw out the record and we made it very quickly. We wondered about its effect on us, and it was hugely important on The Bad Seeds."

Grinderman play Electric Picnic this August.