We've all heard the legend of Robert Johnson and other musicians selling their soul to the devil for success - but Grimes is going one step further.

The Canadian musician and visual artist - and new mother - is auctioning off an unspecified percentage of her soul as part of an art exhibition of her work.

'Selling Out' is her first online exhibition and is being presented by two Los Angeles galleries. It will see her drawings, digital prints, photographs, and more for sale. Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, said that she had always considered herself a visual artist first and foremost, telling Bloomberg: "I’ve always felt strange that people know me for music.”

Alongside limited edition prints of her work ($500), ink-on-paper drawings ($2000 - $3000) and other work, however, she is planning to sell a part of her soul to the highest bidder.

She had originally put a price tag of $10 million on it, but with the current situation, it has been revised to 'best offer'.

See samples of her work below - and if you fancy raiding your piggy bank, you can place an offer here.