Their relationship raised a lot of eyebrows when it was revealed last year, simply because it seemed like such a strange pairing on paper.

However, it seems like Canadian art-pop musician Grimes and South African billionaire entrepreneur/Tesla CEO Elon Musk are a real thing. They're also apparently taking a major step in their relationship, if Grimes' latest Instagram post is to be believed.

She posted a picture of herself with a foetus photoshopped onto her stomach, leading many to speculate that it's her way of announcing her pregnancy.

She also responded to a fan's comment which joked 'omg queen of securing elons coin for real' (sic), saying 'I don't need $ from a man, Grimes is self funded.'

Some have speculated whether the news is true or whether Grimes - who has been known for trolling in the past - is using it as a way to plug her new ablum 'Miss Anthropocene', which is out next month.

Either way, the reactions have been pretty amusing...

Musk is already the father of five sons with ex-wife Justine Wilson but this will be the first child for Grimes, whose real name Claire Boucher.