Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has apologised for foul-mouthed tirade on-stage at the iHeartRadio Festival is Las Vegas at the weekend. The lead singer was upset at the fact that his band's set was cut from 45 minutes to 25 minutes to allow Usher more time on stage and launched into a tirade against the festival organisers, before smashing his guitar and walking off stage.

Pretty punk rock, huh? Well, sort of. If guitar smashing and a litany of f-words is a punk rock staple, apologising afterwards certainly isn't. A statement on the band's official Facebook page has apologised for Armstrong's behaviour and absolved Clear Channel (the festival organisers) of the criticism Billie Joe threw at them.

Armstrong was in the news last week for being rushed to hospital after a Green Day show in Italy for undisclosed reasons, forcing the band to cancel the following night's performance.

Check out the video below. Be warned, though, the language is very NOT SAFE FOR WORK!