Grace Jones, AKA the original Lady Gaga, is releasing a special edition of Hurricane, Jones' seminal return to form album of 2008. Hurricane Dub will hit record store shelves on 2nd September 2011.

This was Jones' first album since 1989's Bulletproof Heart. Jones toured extensively on the back of Hurricane and it was a well-received return to the limelight for one of music's most enigmatic performers. The Dub version of the album will bring a new dark dynamic to the her signature vocals and dark bass lines.

Track listing
• This Is
• William’s Blood
• Corporate Canniba
• I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears)
• Well Well Well
• Hurricane
• Love You To Life
• Sunset Sunrise
• Devil In My Life

• This Is Dub
• William’s Dub
• Cannibal Dub
• Well Well Well Dub
• Crying Dub
• Hurricane Dub
• Love You To Life Dub
• Sunset Dub
• Devil Dub
• Hell Dub