So, it looks like all those recent throwbacks to Gorillaz's glory days were just a ruse to make us think that there was a possibility that they were breaking up.

Luckily, it seems that the cartoon band are still on track to release their new album early next year, and they've been extremely active on Instagram over the last 24 hours to generate interest in it.

Most of the posts concern band member Noodle, whose storyline involved her going MIA on the way to her fellow band member Murdoc's safe haven on Plastic Beach (the name of their last album). The first post is captioned: "She drifted away from Plastic Beach to safety, or so she thought. years later Noodle is face to face with pure evil ... Will she prevail? Read on. But be quick ... #TheBookofNoodle".

The new album may well focus on her story, as the Instagram posts, some of which you can see below (and the rest here), demonstrate...