CD sales might be on an ever-downward slope, but it's a different story when it comes to vinyl. And Golden Discs are hoping that vinyl sales will continue to rise as they open three new stores.

Golden Discs are announcing the opening of three brand new stores this November. The first has already opened, and is in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. A further two stores are opening tomorrow on Saturday, November 10th. These stores are in Market Cross Shopping Centre in Kilkenny, and Crescent Shopping Centre Limerick.

The opening of the three stores will add a further thirty employees to the Golden Discs family and brings the store count to nineteen locations nationwide, in addition to 80 concession stores at Tesco.

The last time Golden Discs had a store in Liffey Valley was way back in 2011. The store is delighted to return to the location seven years later.

Website is already trading ahead of expectations, being one of Ireland’s fastest growing retail websites since its launch a year ago.

With a major amount of new music being released these days, no doubt the stores will do well in the build up to Christmas in particular. If you want to see what new releases are out today, have a look at our selection to listen to this weekend.