It's been almost a decade since their last release, but it looks like we may well be hearing some new music from Gnarls Barkley in 2018.

The duo - producer Danger Mouse aka Brian Burton, and vocalist CeeLo Green - first came to prominence via their huge hit 'Crazy', taken from their 2006 debut 'St. Elsewhere.'

They followed it up with 'The Odd Couple' in 2008, but now Green has said that work has begun on their third album. 

"We have already started on a new album,” he told DJ Booth. “We’re halfway in and we have some overtures from the other projects that may not have stood the test of time, we don’t know yet.”

He added that he and Burton would meet at the start of 2018 and most likely finish it quickly - as in, a week - as  “that’s pretty much all the time we had to do ‘St. Elsewhere‘ because we were heating up around that time. We were doing something recreationally.”

In recent years, Green has enjoyed solo success with the likes of 'F**k You', while Burton has been part of another duo, Broken Bells, with James Mercer of The Shins.