Having already sold out Glastonbury 2011, organiser Michael Eavis has revealed that the festival will not go ahead in 2012 because the Olympic Games in London will create a shortage of toilets.

As funny as that sounds, it's actually not an unreasonable prospect. Glastonbury always takes a break every few years, the last time in 2006 and before that in 2001. The site is now due for a rest, and Eavis revealed that they had intended to take it in 2011 before they realised that costs would be higher in 2012 due to a higher than usual demand for portable toilets in the UK.

"There will be a huge demand for portable toilets in London, so everyone will push up their prices and I can see it getting very expensive. We take a year off anyway every fifth or sixth year so we looked at the timing and thought it seemed sensible."

He added, "We shop around with four companies to get the best price, but we are not bothering for 2012."

Toilets aren't the only issue, though, as a lack of police and security seems like a much more pressing concern.
"Avon and Somerset told us no police officers will be available as they will all be at the Olympics".

It was a wise move not to announce the cancellation until after the sale of 2011 tickets, since the demand was already so high that their website experienced a huge amount of technical problems during the pre-sale, leaving thousands of fans frustrated and disappointed.

Speculation is now rife that U2 will headline the 2011, after being forced to pull out in 2010 for Bono's back surgery.


This article has been updated to remove any reference to the brand Portaloo, as the company's Intellectual Property Manager had this to say about the incorrect use of the term in reference to any make of portable toilet.

"Portaloo® is a registered Trade Mark owned by Portakabin Limited, as such, it should only be used to describe facilities known to have been made by this company. This is very important to us as a business and, as owners of the Portaloo® Trade Mark, we are obliged to discourage incorrect use. If we failed to do this we would put at risk our exclusive rights to the use of the Trade Mark in the course of trade, with a possible knock-on detrimental affect on the business and the livelihoods of the many hard-working people employed here.

"In addition, in the interests of the accuracy of the news your website carries, I can confirm that the facilities at Glastonbury, past or present, have not been made or supplied by us - we have never been the preferred supplier to that event. It is therefore inaccurate to individually or collectively refer to the facilities provided there using the term Portaloo®."

Well, shame on us.