Ana Gog are a tight knit group with an incredibly fluid style to their play and have emerged recently as one of the more unique bands in the country. Led by multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter Michael Gallen, their distinctive sound is one forged over countless performances together where their diverse influences have been distilled into a captivating whole.

The group's instrumentation and nuanced songwriting is at once easy on the ear and incredibly intricate, full of dynamic rhythmical arrangements.

Making Trails, the band's debut release, is a sure-voiced album, with recurring themes of memory, loss and escape threading through the songs. This first offering reveals a band capable of making timeless, potent music, and a group of musicians who are here for the long run.

The album launch will take place in the Unitarian Church on 1st March. Tickets are priced at €10/15 and are available here.