It looks like that Spice Girls/Spice Girls GEM/whatever they were calling it reunion has been consigned to the rubbish heap, as Geri Horner aka Ginger Spice is ploughing on ahead with her solo career.

Horner is set to release her first single in 12 years later this month, and the song was written after the death of her friend George Michael in December.

It's called 'Angels in Chains' and the proceeds from the single will go to Childline.

Speaking about the song, Horner told The Sun: "He had such an impact on my life. I didn't know what to do with all my feelings. When we have grief, you have to share it with each other. It was like a gift, it pushed me out the door.

"It's not until I sit here with you and realise how, for the last 12 years I've been writing and writing and ­writing – and I think I was quite scared if I'm really honest. I thought, you know, I'm not the hotpants girl, the young thing. That was an era and how am I going to come back? So I kept on writing these songs, and I used to always play them to George and he'd say, 'Leave a bit of time – you can have an evolution.' "

She added of the decision to donate the proceeds to Childline: "[George] was so kind and he didn't want to show off about it. You just think, what a man, what a great human being as well as an artist. The more joy and good can come out of it... I think George would approve of that. Every step I've taken I've tried to think, 'Would he approve of this?'"

'Angels in Chains' is released on June 23rd.