Even the most ardent Oasis fan out there would find it difficult to wax lyrical on their album 'Be Here Now'. Heck, even Noel Gallagher has struggled to do so.

Nevertheless, the band's third album did contain a few decent songs - one of them being 'Don't Go Away'.

Now, a rare demo of the song, recorded on the Caribbean island of Mustique in 1996, has been made available online ahead of the album's reissue next month.

The PR blurb reads:

"Recorded on the Caribbean island in early 1996 by Noel Gallagher and Owen Morris, the Mustique Demos are the original demos for ‘Be Here Now’. The original tapes were mislaid shortly after the completion of recording, and subsequently achieved mythical status among the band’s huge fanbase. The tapes remained effectively lost until recently unearthed in the depths of the label’s archive, and now all 14 Mustique Demos will be available in special editions of the new Chasing The Sun edition of ‘Be Here Now’."

See the original handwritten lyrics and hear the song below: