The full timetable for Electric Picnic 2012 has been released ahead of schedule. An incorrect version was making its way around the internets this afternoon prompting EP officials to release the one true schedule in all its glory. Seasoned Picnickers will know that the release of the schedule is an important day for festivalgoers, giving you just a few days to make some serious decisions about who to see. 

Initial clashes that stick out to us include Sigur Ros or Azealia Banks? Elbow or James Murphy? Grimes or Bell X1? It's decision time people, you don't want to be aimlessly walking around the festival site without a plan.

Have a look for yourself below.

**EDIT 29/8 @ 1.45pm: Please note that some changes have been made to the timetable which was released on Wednesday. The timetable you see below is the most up-to-date schedule available.

Click the timetable or here for a bigger, more readable version.