You wait ages for one Frank Ocean album to come along.... etc. etc.

The release of the American singer's long-awaited second album, believed to be called 'Boys Don't Cry', had been delayed multiple times. On Friday, however, he released a visual album called 'Endless', but it was stipulated that it was not 'Boys Don't Cry' under a different title.

Rumours swirled that yet another collection would be released over the weekend, and yesterday Ocean unveiled 'Blond', the album formerly known as 'Boys Don't Cry' and the official follow-up to 2012's 'Channel Orange'. The spelling is the American (blond) on the artwork, but it is listed as 'Blonde' on Apple Music.

To complicate matters even further, there are two different versions of the album - the tracklistings for the physical version, sold at pop-up shops in several cities around the world yesterday, and the online streaming version are different.

As with 'Endless', at the moment you can only hear 'Blond' in full via Apple Music - but hear new track 'Nikes' below:


Although it's only been out a day, it's already garnered quite the celeb response: