As if Frank Black could last five minutes without embarking on a new musical project. His latest, Grand Duchy, is a group Black has formed with his wife, Violet Clark.

Currently going under the alter-ego Black Francis, the former Pixies singer admits the project has been in the pipeline for a long time, reports WENN:
" Once upon a time, Violet and I went into the studio together for a day as an experiment, and we came out that night with (the track) Fort Wayne… Our second recording session involved a fair amount of shouting and throwing things, much to the horror, I’m sure, of our two engineers"

In case anybody's wondering, a grand duchy is a territory presided over by a Grand Duke or Duchess. Today the only one in existence is in Luxembourg, where Mr & Mrs Black intend to settle with the proceeds from this project. Now, isn't that sweet…

Grand Duchy will release their debut album, entitled Petits Fours, in April 2009.