Sam France, lead singer with Californian indie rock duo Foxygen, underwent surgery earlier this week to repair a broken leg which the frontman broke after falling off a stage in Minneapolis. You can view a video of the aftermath below.

According to reports, France injured his leg when he fell from the on-stage monitor shortly after the beginning of the set. The singer required the assistance of paramedics to get to a hospital, after which the band posted a message on Facebook saying that France's injury was bad enough to require surgery and force the cancellation of a few upcoming shows.

Incidentally France's injury doesn't seem all that unexpected, especially when you consider pictures like this.

City Pages' writer Nicole Oran was in attendance and described the incident, saying: "France was stationary on the floor between the barricades on the stage while security and who appeared to be paramedics placed him on a stretcher. He was moving, appeared conscious, but had a bandage around his left calf. His hands were placed on his forehead. As he became visible to the crowd again when the stretcher was lifted to leave the area, 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun' played overhead and the crowd cheered, as if to applaud a recovery. But the show ended before a full song was played. And it’s currently not clear how he was really hurt and how bad it was."