Four Tet's seventh studio album is another meticulously-paced effort, and possibly one of the strongest records to date from one of the UK's most revered ambient/electronica musicians.

Kieran Hebden is a man who needs no introduction, but we'll give you one, anyway. Since establishing himself as a connoisseur of ambient electronica and creative genre-spanning noodlings under the Four Tet appellation in the late '90s, the Londoner's output has been consistently interesting, if not always profitable.

His seventh album is unlikely to change Hebden's status; he'll probably never have a top 5 chart hit, but he sure can crank out a wonderfully-rounded body of work. 'There is Love in You' is a well-paced, carefully pieced-together collection of songs that steadily glide from airy atmospherics ('Circling' positively floats from the speakers) to more concentrated passages of sound ('Sing' is a tangled mass of Atari2600 computer game-style glitches and stuttering bleeps) with ease.

Before it was released, Hebden streamed 'There is Love in You' as a single 47-minute body of sound, with no tracklisting and minimal between-song pauses. It undoubtedly works as a record to listen to from start to finish; it's the sort of music that can both demand movement from its listener, or works as a background soundtrack to a task that requires your full attention.

It must be pointed out, however, that the nine minute long 'Love Cry', with its cluttered rhythms and throbbing melody that recedes before building organically, merits particular praise. Another fine collection of unaffected electronica - and who needs Top 5 hits, anyway?