Leeds band Forward, Russia! have unofficially split, posting a statement on their website which declared that they were taking a 'long break' from music.

The quartet, whose second album 'Life Processes' failed to repeat their debut's success when released earlier this year, also cancelled all but one of their forthcoming tour dates.

The statement revealed that drummer Katie Nicholls would be returning to art college in Nottingham, while singer Tom Woodhead would continue his involvement in production. It's expected that guitarist 'Whiskas' will continue to work on the label he founded in 2004, Dance to the Radio.

"We have decided to take a break from doing Forward, Russia - for a lot of different reasons. The idea of doing another tour with nothing new to offer was something that enthused none of us, and the idea of re-booting on a productive strand is something we're not quite ready to face just yet," the statement read.

"Added to which, the last few months of inactivity has led us all on paths away from the band. I know that sounds odd, having released an album only a few months ago, but I don't think any of us were connected to the mechanics of its release. I don't know how it happened, but I want to thank all our management, the guys and gals at Cooking Vinyl and all the other people who worked on the record for putting all their efforts into the release of 'Life Processes' and apologise for our complete failure to engage in the release of it."