John Frusciante, the virtuoso guitarist best known for his time in Red Hot Chili Peppers, has made a huge amount of his music available for free on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Frusciante said that the move was in response to the press generated by comments that he made in a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, where he said that he would no longer 'release music for public consumption' as he 'had no audience.'

He clarified his comments in a new post, saying: "Giving people music for free online being so common these days is a good reminder that artistic expression is always a matter of giving, not taking, or selling.

Selling is the making money part, and artistic expression, creation, is the giving part. They are distinct from one another, and it is my conviction that music should always be made because one loves music, regardless of whether one plans on selling it or not. Creation is the source of life, while making money is what people do for food, clothing, shelter, necessities and comfort in some cases, and to exercise their greed in others."

The material can be heard/downloaded from his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages now.