No, it wasn't Beyoncé. Or Kelly. Or Michelle. We know what you're thinking - who else could it be?

Well kids, pop fans of a certain age will remember that once upon a time - up until the release of their breakthrough album 'The Writing's on the Wall' in 1999, in fact - there were four members of Destiny's Child.

LaTavia Roberson completed the girl band line-up, and in fact she was a founding member before leaving in 2000 after a dispute with its then-manager Mathew Knowles. She undoubtedly played an important role in the early days of the band, but was understandably irked when yesterday, a fan on Twitter questioned her.

It all began with a simple tweet:

When a fan questioned 'Who are you?', she replied - in a series of angry tweets that have now been deleted: "LaTavia Marie Roberson founding member of the ICONIC girl group Destiny's Child."

Another person jabbed: "Weren't you in DC for 5 minutes? Don't throw your name in there," to which she replied '"Naw I was in there long enough to get to 2 Grammys", and when someone accused her of being 'queen of not singing leads', she said: "No need to sing lead when you wrote on the album #Royalties #CheckTHAT".Somewhere, Michelle Williams - who inspired the 'Poor Michelle' meme - is just glad that the heat is off her, for once.

via NME