In this, their first full length album, Forever the Sickest Kids present a predominantly samey unoriginal collection of guitar pop songs. They fall into the genre of American power-pop with the likes of All American Rejects. In their teeny-bop essence they're closer to Busted or McFly, but sadly, without the irritating catchiness. In their favour, they do incorporate some interesting and even cool electro effects and touches uncharacteristic to their genre, and they use pleasant if not particularly interesting harmonies. Musically they're relatively innocuous, but lyrically this album couldn't be more obnoxious.

Underdog Alma Matter is saturated with teenage relationship angst, all about the poor boy who's been badly treated by a girl. But in this case it's all simplistic materialistic bullsh*t written in a crude and literal fashion. Love may be the greatest subject of poetry and art of all time, but this isn't love, it's some girl he went on about three dates with! There are too many truly awful lyrics to quote here but just to give the general gist "I could write about a thousand songs to impress you/but I wouldn't want to do that/I could make you feel like the queen of the world but I won't/Because you're full of imperfections." Is it too crass to suggest maybe these boys would have better luck with the ladies if they'd put away the hair straighteners?

It is not until Track 11 Coffee Break that a different subject matter takes hold. Certainly the prettiest track on the album, it's an acoustic plucked guitar song with some lovely cello arrangement. But though this is a song about dissatisfaction with life, again it's all too literal - "Cause I've overcommitted myself/I guess this is growing up." These kids aren't sick, they're sickening.