Footballer Peter Crouch has made a cameo in the music video for the band Peace.

As you may have read in our recent interview with the English band, the Stoke City player is a big fan of the young foursome and a big music fan in general - he has even been spotted crowd-surfing at a Kasabian gig in the past.

Now, he's gone the extra mile for Peace and appears in their new video 'Gen Strange'.

I was] the Supersub, I’m getting used to that," he told NME. "Someone pulled out and they asked me like sort of last minute really. I was doing nothing that day so it literally ended up being like that.

"It was a bit of fun to be fair, just decided to go for it. I like the band you know, I like the lads so decided just go for it. It was some good fun."

Watch the video below: