Foo Fighters have finished work on their upcoming seventh album, due for release later this year, and frontman Dave Grohl has described it as "massive". Speaking to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, Grohl said, "There's 11 songs and front to back there's not one sleepy ballad".

That the album was recorded the old fashioned way, on analogue tape, in Grohl's garage has something to do with the finished sound.
"The process was so simple. It was really in my garage. You could put a mini van in there and that's it.
"The fact that we did it without any computers it was just really simple. It just sounds massive.
"It's different to any other Foo Fighters album because it just sounds big. It was really inspiring."

The album was produced by former Nirvana producer Butch Vig, and marks the first time Grohl has worked with him since Nirvana's seminal 1991record 'Never Mind'. According to Grohl, "Butch swears that he's had more fun making this record than any other record than he's made in his life - that's a lot of records."

There are still a number of decisions to be made as regards the new album, including the name, though the band admit they've toyed with a number of working titles including "Back and Forth". A lead single has also yet to be chosen.
"I don't even know what the single is going to be. It's hard to choose because it sounds like there's more than one.
Elsewhere, the Foo Fighters have launched a competition to find a number of budding directors to make their next music video. Called 'This Video Sucks', the band are asking aspiring filmmakers to send in their work and will choose eleven to direct videos for each song on the album.

Dave Grohl explained the concept behind the competition.
"I had this idea that instead of going and spending a ton of money on one video made by a director who’s done it a trillion times, why not split up the cash and give it to the fans and let the fans make 11 different videos for the band? So that, instead of just making one video as the album comes out, we have 11 different videos for the 11 songs on the record."