Far from being just a music festival, Electric Picnic is also a haven for foodies with all manner of culinary treats available to you on site. But where should you spend your hard earned money?

One of the good things about Electric Picnic is that you have plenty of options once you hear your belly rumbling. In contrast to festivals like Longitude, which didn't offer many different choices - particularly for vegetarians - the sheer range of food stalls means that you can sample just about anything, from crepes to curries to falafel and even an ostrich burger! If you fancy a free bite you can even head along to one of the seemingly dozens of food demonstrations in the Theatre of Food in the MindField area. While there Neven Maguire russled us up a treat (that man can cook a cabbage, let us tell you..)

So far entertainment.ie has munched on some gourmet chips and gravy (a guilty pleasure of ours), a slightly underwhelming pulled pork sandwich, the obligatory festival burger and, our personal favourite, a Dave's Woodfire Pizza - which we'd recommend that everyone tries before heading back to the real world. 

Today's meals? Well it's not a festival without a Pie Minister and maybe we'll pluck up the courage for an Ostrich burger before the night is out. Either way, we won't be going hungry.