Here's an example of what Oxegen organisers are in store for when Foo Fighters arrive in Punchestown to headline the Saturday night at Oxegen. The Foos are currently touring their latest album Wasting Light and details of their tour rider have hit the web. A rider, for those not in the know, is a list of requirements that must be in place for the band ahead of their arrival at the venue. Most riders contain specific food and beverage requests, and can go so far as to ask for their dressing room to be a specific temperature. The Foo Fighters, a band how have circumnavigated the globe several times in their 16 year careers, seem to have amassed a unique list of requests during this time. A 52-page 'Tour 2011' document has been released on the Internet and, in true Foo Fighters style, it's hilarious. The rider contains drawings of Grohl eating, and tour promoters are encouraged to colour in the images but to remember to "stay within the lines". Elsewhere, it contains pictures of what makes a good and a bad breakfast and drummer Taylor Hawkins weighs in on the finer details of salad preparation. Promoters are also encouraged to "invest in an ice-pick", signalling their distaste for cubed ice.