Bands have been known to take alternative directions over the years. But this is quite mad.

The Foo Fighters announced three weeks ago that they'd be releasing a new album under the moniker the Dee Gees.

The album is of the disco variety and called 'Hail Satan'.

It hit shelves on Record Store Day (July 17th).

The 10-track project features four Bee Gees covers, the first of which has just been unveiled on the Foo Fighters' Youtube channel.

The band debuted "You Should Be Dancing" back in February on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 show.

The song was made famous on the 'Saturday Night Fever' movie soundtrack.

Here are all the tracks you can expect from the Foo Fighters album 'Hail Satan'.

01 ‘You Should Be Dancing’
02 ‘Night Fever’
03 ‘Tragedy’
04 ‘Shadow Dancing’
05 ‘More Than A Woman’
06 ‘Making A Fire’
07 ‘Shame Shame’
08 ‘Waiting On A War’
09 ‘No Son Of Mine’
10 ‘Cloudspotter’

The Foo Fighters have also begun touring again.

They recently took to the stage at Madison Square with comedian Dave Chapelle to perform a cover of "Creep" by Radiohead.