If you saw footage online from Foo Fighters' gig at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, you'd be forgiven for turning green with envy.

Witnessing any major event with crowds and no social distancing in place has the ability to do that to us here in Ireland - but in a venue as iconic as the New York arena,

In fact, the gig was the first full-capacity arena event to take place in the States since the beginning of Covid - for vaccinated people only - so understandably, there was a celebratory air to proceedings.

There were also a few special guests in the mix - one of them being comedian Dave Chappelle.

Chapelle joined Dave Grohl and co. on stage for an unlikely collaboration - but on a song that he has sung many other times with other musicians, including John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz.

See their take on Radiohead's 'Creep' below: