In the music industry of the '70s, there was one thing that was fuelling the creative energies of almost every band or musician.

It wasn't the turbulent political climate, the global economic recession, or even all the glitter that they wore. No, it was something far more effective - cocaine. The likes of Aerosmith, The Eagles and of course Fleetwood Mac did enough blow through the years that they were able to get a decade's worth of albums from it.

The anecdote surrounding Fleetwood Mac, however, was something for the record's books. The story went that when you totted up how much cocaine Fleetwood Mac did throughout the '70s, it was enough to cover seven miles of road. When asked about the story by the Sun, Mick Fleetwood admitted that the math more than likely checks out.

"I guess we figured we did X amount a day, and then some goofball got out a calculator and came up with that seven miles figure and said, “Isn’t that funny?” And it sort of is," said Fleetwood. "But not in the context of where I want to end up."

For Mick Fleetwood, however, he's happy it's all over. "It came to an end, thankfully. Because, God forbid, it could easily have ended the really bad way — for sure, that could have happened," he said. "In some ways I’m happy I got through it and didn’t bite the big bullet. But I just had a profound awareness and a realisation that enough is enough."

Seven miles of cocaine is definitely enough, Mick Fleetwood. That's... definitely enough.